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CSS Hover Over Effect On HTML Table: pseudo class

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http://technotip.com/587/css-hover-over-effect-on-html-table-pseudo-class/ Video Tutorial to illustrate the CSS pseudo class effect on HTML table. We show how to create animated effect or hover over effect for rows, thead, tbody, tfoot..
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K. (9 months ago)
Still rockin' in 2018. Good job explaining. Thank you, Satish B.
Linkin Pаrk (2 years ago)
do a vid on how to do it out of table!
quietthomas (6 years ago)
You have a lovely cadence to your voice.
Dyllen Owens (7 years ago)
Very poor example of how to properly use CSS/XHTML. It just doesn't show enough of how you can style the XHTML table... Sorry

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