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A NEW WAY TO SHOP | Lily Pebbles

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A little daily vlog for you guys today. I went to check out the kikki.K christmas collection, the CHOOSE LOVE store in Soho and then had friends round for dinner. This video contains a paid for advertIsement by kikki.K Click 'SHOW MORE' below Subscribe here http://lpebbles.uk/rHpKla I'm currently uploading Sundays at 9.30am UK time and occasionally Wednesdays at 6.30pm. Shop my kikki.K favourites & watch the video! http://lpebbles.uk/6V7I4L I Wore… + *Whistles T-Shirt http://bit.ly/2A00jWp + *Red Reiss Coat http://bit.ly/2AU8FPx I Went… + CHOOSE LOVE store http://lpebbles.uk/tPG0ao I Mentioned… + Help Refugees http://lpebbles.uk/qf0hFm + The Pink Protest http://lpebbles.uk/dT9DDx Watch my wedding video here http://lpebbles.uk/Z1hCsZ FIND ME: Subscribe - http://bit.ly/10dYuIf Blog - http://bit.ly/1kL8Qd6 Instagram - http://instagram.com/lilypebbles Twitter - https://twitter.com/lilypebbles Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/lilypebbles Music by Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com) Thumbnail by Smukkeberg http://lpebbles.uk/iTdQuf Disclaimer: This video contains a paid for advertIsement by kikki.K *Affiliate links If you purchase something using one of the marked links, I make a small percentage from that sale. This doesn't affect my opinions. Thanks for your support. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­----------------- How to contact me: [email protected] Lily Pebbles Gleam Futures 6th Floor 60 Charlotte Street London W1T 2NU
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Text Comments (176)
Kelly Nicholson (26 days ago)
I just love Christmas and kikki.k so so much
Lydia (10 months ago)
Bristol! A signing but with more to do than just cueing? So excited for the book xx
Emma Fett (10 months ago)
liverpool but manchester is a good place for most folk in north west england to get to
Lara Joanna Jarvis (10 months ago)
I really could just watch you all day long!! Loved seeing behind the scenes. Cannot wait for the book!!!
Bethan Conlon (11 months ago)
Definitely Birmingham! Maybe like an exhibition where other women share their friendship stories? Could ask your followers to post a pic on Instagram and caption it with a story about their friendship. You could choose the best ones and exhibition them (and maybe get some of them to speak?!) Xx
AshleyJayneCookie (11 months ago)
Come to Sheffield!!
maisie masterman (11 months ago)
love the charity idea and Liverpool!!
lisashoegal (11 months ago)
JosephineC (11 months ago)
Omg the beginning of the video should win ''vlog moment of 2017'' award. It made me lol
Ellie rb (11 months ago)
Come to Scotland 😊😊
1stepcl0ser (11 months ago)
Love how you still show your face even though you look „crazy“ or tired and don’t wear makeup. Keeping it real girl 💜 Next time i‘m in london i‘ll defo check out the choose love shop! Sounds super amazing
georgie (11 months ago)
Please come to Manchester or Liverpool! You could do a little coffee/afternoon tea book club type thing where you discuss the book and have a mini q&a?
Cecilia Loughlin (11 months ago)
Come to NYC on your book tour!
Barbora Sallai (11 months ago)
Come to Edinburgh please
Ailish Moore (11 months ago)
Edinburgh!! I'd love if you came for a book signing here
Cathey Sheils (11 months ago)
Love to see you in NY. That charity shop looked fantastic!
Delphine Blush (11 months ago)
Berlin! And I think a panel discussion with female artist like Mihaela Noroc who created the book called The Atlas of Beauty which a serie of photography of incredible women around the world.
MissyPaiPai (11 months ago)
Kikki.K is actually an Australian brand, not Swedish!!! (The owner Kristina is Swedish by heritage I believe though)
Leslie Valenciano-Lopez (11 months ago)
Are you of English Decent?
Phoebe Theodorou (11 months ago)
Lily you are so lovely, I feel like you make my commute home so much more calm! I just put my headphones on and listen to your soothing voice! Everything you do is so inspirational, congratulations on your book and thank you for your videos xx
Whitney Kippes (11 months ago)
I'd personally love to see an event in Washington DC, but I may be alone down here!
RJ In (11 months ago)
Come to Leeds 🎉🎉🎉
Raghad Alghamdi (11 months ago)
omg you look so much like jen atkin!! (celebrity hairstylist)
Lottie Webster (11 months ago)
Re: book events! Leeds, and a signing with talk/q & a in bookstores would be ideal for you x
Nella Rogers (11 months ago)
How about coming to Albuquerque New Mexico next October and you could do something at the Balloon fiesta including but not limited to being a part of a chase crew for one of the hot air balloons.
Simply Suzy (11 months ago)
Sorry if this is a double post ;) Lost WiFi. But for your lips, try MediHoney Barrier Cream :) It's for wound care, but I find it works incredibly well on any skin irritation, really.
Joanna M (11 months ago)
Waterstonre's does wine drinking and book reading nights. That would be nice. I am in York xx
Veronika Minkova (11 months ago)
Thank you so much for showing the charity idea for refugees! I live in London and didn't know that it existed. I will definately go there! I love when youtubers are involved in charity and social initiatives like also what you are doing for breast self-examination for cancer. Sending love xx
Basic Beauty Blog (11 months ago)
Copenhagen! :) Yes, I know that's not in England ;) It could be a cool to have a sit-down Q&A, something casual and low-key :)
Olivia Smith (11 months ago)
how about a book club brunch event? London please :)
Jennifer Tshibamba (11 months ago)
Your #30 on trending! Keep us updated on the events for the book. Can’t wait!
Chloe Harriet (11 months ago)
Loved this video! I'm 'ordering' some stuff from the Choose Love website now :). I would love if you could come to Bristol for a book based panel/signing/chat! I'm very excited to read it! xx
Patrycja Baranowska (11 months ago)
Manchester 💙💙💙
Davidia Zhao (11 months ago)
get little bags of charcoal...its amazing at getting rid of smells
Buda (11 months ago)
Lily, for your lips I think using balm on its own won't solve the problem, the real problem is how you deal with stress, try to manage it, I recommend using @calm app it teaches mindfulness In a very nice unique way. Thank you for the positive vibe I get from you and your passion to be better you
kraiw0 (11 months ago)
For your lips, you should try lanolin (nipple hahah) cream!
Macca (11 months ago)
Rub the inside of the wardrobes with white vinegar, it takes away the smell and the vinegar leaves no smell. It’s what I always do with vintage furniture which smells old or smoky x
Pumpkin0330 titi (11 months ago)
So I don't know how to put this but in every new home or apartment/flat as the UK people say it😊, you always want to do a blessing in the home. whether that means getting fresh sage and christening it in every room or have if you guys are Catholic you can have a priest come and bless the home.
Pumpkin0330 titi (11 months ago)
Congratulations on your new home! And of course another congratulations on your first book. What a blessing
fleurlily (11 months ago)
Hope you can come to Toronto for a book event! Our big book store here is Chapters/Indigo and they host lots of writers.
Erica Kinsella (11 months ago)
I know you asked for UK residents but I'd really love if you came and did signings in Dublin?
DB (11 months ago)
Come to Bristol! We'd love to help you celebrate your book. Would be lovely to have tea or a bike ride and picnic :) There's some nice community cafe's or a bike trail between Bristol and Bath xx
LL GG (11 months ago)
You look like if Cindy Crawford had another daughter!
lelde liepina (11 months ago)
Leeds please!!!!
Amy Thomas (11 months ago)
Come to Leeds please!!!
regeneratethechicken (11 months ago)
Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but you could try and do some kind of event that enables people to make new friends? Like a speed friendship dates or something? If you make some "matches"you swap email addresses or something? If you did that around the country, people could meet people near them?
xmkmx Mdk (11 months ago)
pls come to germany
Ciara O Donovan (11 months ago)
Please come to Cork in Ireland ! 🙌🏼 Maybe your book meetup could be an event incorporating one of the things you like to do with your friends? 🤔
Toni Brown (11 months ago)
would you be able to combine your book launch events with the Choose Love movement? that would be amazing - not to steal, but to SHARE, your 'thunder' ...
masonandmiles (11 months ago)
i love your look in this video! your hair looks amazing! how do you do it?
Kera Powell (11 months ago)
come to wales! nobody ever comes to visit us in Cardiff and we've got such a cool city with loads of shops and food places plus sheep lols xx
Kera Powell (11 months ago)
Awh that's so nice!! Deffo come back and if you ever need recommendations I'd be happy to assist :) xxxxx
Lorna S (11 months ago)
Kera Powell I popped over to Cardiff for the rugby World Cup 2015 and it's such a stunning city, I was only there for a day for the match but I'm dying to go back and shop and wander and all because it's just gorgeous and the Welsh accent makes me happy
gorgeouss79 (11 months ago)
Is the Choose Love Movement only in the UK? I can’t find it online (in the US) 🧐
JulieM 1961 (11 months ago)
I really enjoy your vlogs but I think it is a little unkind to tell all your subscribers that wardrobe doors smell and that wallpaper is weird in your new home - it’s discourteous to the previous owners to shame them like this. Not like your usual kind self.
Beth Downey (11 months ago)
I'd love you to do a live q/a and signing- manchester and liverpool would be amazing ❤
Rebecca Oakes (11 months ago)
Nottingham or Manchester x
Kerry Rose (11 months ago)
Really really enjoyed this Vlog! 😀
Ronja (11 months ago)
Would love it if you came to germany as part of your book tour - maybe the cologne area? :)
Sajni R Shah (11 months ago)
So excited about the book! I'm in Edinburgh, I think an afternoon tea like the one you and Anna did last year would be a great idea! :)
Sabina (11 months ago)
The Choose Love store is such a nice idea! x
Linda Libra Loca (11 months ago)
A perfect and very relatable way to start the video!
kirsten_ducky (11 months ago)
I'm in London soon and I'm definitely going to check out Choose Love. What a fantastic idea! And I may just have to swing by kikki k for a few gifts too <3
Gayle Mullen (11 months ago)
What a brilliant idea - Choose Love
Shelley P (11 months ago)
please come to Australia :)
Michelle C (11 months ago)
A book event in Brighton would be amazing! Lovely vlog as always, Lily ❤️
Ana Pereira (11 months ago)
Come to Portugal!!
Hannah H (11 months ago)
So excited to read your book! I would love for you to do something different than the standard book signing. Maybe a reading and cocktail hour? I live near London, so regardless of what you do, I'd be there!
Sabina Zuskarová (11 months ago)
I have never commented before but now I just finally have to. First, thanks for being so real and authentic when it comes to anything - how you look, how you feel... If there's anything in a digital world that makes me feel shitty about myself, it's definitely ALWAYS perfect kind of content. Second, I'm in true awe of how you managed to show us all these different parts of your everyday life in such a beautiful way. Lovely kikki.K created real festive vibes (although so gutted it's ironically not in Sweden), supporting that wonderful movement made me feel happy, proud of you and heartbroken at the same time and in the end that part of your life that inspires me the most - how great you are with your friends and how much effort you put into your friendships. You really couldn't pick a better theme for your book. Sorry for such a looong in-depth analysis of your video, but since it's my first comment, I wanted to use the opportunity to express why I actually watch each and every video of yours and saying "nice coat!" probably wouldn't do the job.:)
natalie green (11 months ago)
Please come to Birmingham lily ,you look fabulous with your longer length hair. Really suits you . It really shows in your vlogs that you are less stressed , you look more relaxed than you have in a long long time 💕😁
Katie Henry (11 months ago)
Please come to Birmingham for your book I'd love to meet you!!
Jasmina Puri (11 months ago)
Really like your red coat! Charity is an amazing idea ❤
Angie Lieb (11 months ago)
Alfie Dyes just did a video about this. Do all Youtubers support the same charities?
Chloe Harriet (11 months ago)
Does that matter? It's lovely they're both supporting the charity!
KimmDesign Studio (11 months ago)
Lily, which model of camera are you using for this vlog?
Lauren McLaughlin (11 months ago)
I dont know how feasible an idea this is but maybe a book reading at a nice venue like a cafe rather than just a signing would be nice, and you could chat and have a conversation with people after as opposed to a meet and greet. Also I live in Belfast!
Emma James (11 months ago)
Oh my goodness, Kikki K is the most overpriced crappy store in Australia. Like $60 for a very basic diary. Maybe it’s more affordable in London but I wouldn’t even set a foot in their store. You can buy comparable things in K-Mart for like an eighth of the price. It’s ridiculous.
Sarah Gray (11 months ago)
Please come to Newcastle 😁😁
Casey C (11 months ago)
I love the idea for that charity -- seeing the way your contribution literally helps people is so meaningful.
Pamala Hanson (11 months ago)
I tried to see if preorder was available on Amazon😟 I am in USA not sure what is the release be UK then other countries please keep us in US in the release loop so excited for you❤️ and it’s on my reading list for 2018😍. Sorry your lips are not cooperating and being fussy, winter weather doesn’t help either😟 Love these vlogs just being yourself.
Mary Kelley (11 months ago)
It’s so awesome to see you happy in your home and your book being published all right before your 30th birthday. Congrats! You’ve achieved so much.
Antra K (11 months ago)
What about some "find your new bestie" speed friendship-dating sessions as part of the book launch, with you getting in amongst it?
RainbowSmile (11 months ago)
RainbowSmile (11 months ago)
I would love a casual meetup like a picnic in a park or afternoon tea or something fun like an intimate story time/q and a session with you!
Sarah Rews (11 months ago)
This is why I watch your videos and follow you Lily. You aren't those fluffy/ empty influencers who follow the current trends by default... I admire that you are involved in charities and non profits. I don't feel stupid or regret my time when I watch your videos! And I LOVE the Choose Love shop, such an amazing and unique idea!!!! Thank you for sharing it with us ❤️
Amy Gruber (11 months ago)
Loved this video! So happy that you're happy and enjoying your new home. Love the movement you're working with too. I teach English to adult refugees so that part of the video really touched my heart. 💕
AliceinWonderland (11 months ago)
Kikki.K is an Australian brand. The founder is Swedish.
veritsan (11 months ago)
AliceinWonderland i think you're right
AliceinWonderland (11 months ago)
veritsan - I think it says that it based on Swedish design.
veritsan (11 months ago)
AliceinWonderland in the website says it's Swedish
Kate Smith (11 months ago)
Come to Kansas City in America!!! Haha... selfish plug for the middle of the Midwest. Loved the kikki K stuff and the ingenious idea for the charity shop
duinsophie (11 months ago)
Kikki K is Australian though :)
Rebecca SJ (11 months ago)
Yes! I was about to say the same, haha. It's definitely Australian, but Scandi-inspired!
Nadia Banihali (11 months ago)
She founded the brand and started the business after she landed in Australia... First store was Australia, so we get to claim it :)
Alex Vryzakis (11 months ago)
No it's not, the founder is called Kristina Karlsson and she's Swedish https://www.kikki-k.com/about
Flavia M. (11 months ago)
Please, come to Oxford for the book tour! 😊
Magda Pinto (11 months ago)
Hope you could come to northern ireland! I would love to meet you
Raylene keys (11 months ago)
Love your video no one wakeups all made up.
Mead Omar (11 months ago)
The first start of the vlog made me laugh 😂😂😂
Fleem B (11 months ago)
Manchester book signing!
EmmA Gee (11 months ago)
Birmingham!! 😊❤️
Maria Monteiro (11 months ago)
Come to Lisbon!
AmandaJanesLife (11 months ago)
Australia !!!!!
The Reakle (11 months ago)
Come to Manchester or Liverpool!
Phoebe Gibson (11 months ago)
Hanz Neubert (11 months ago)
Please do a Book Event in Germany! That would be so nice 👍🏼
gem.04 (11 months ago)
You look beautiful :)
Ana Rebrina (11 months ago)
Where is your watch from? Xo 😊
Maria (11 months ago)

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