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Super Play Magazine - UK Super Nintendo Magazine Retrospective

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A look back at one of the UK's most fondly remembered, and almost cult status Super Nintendo Entertainment System magazines, Super Play from Future Publishing. This magazine was a real window on the wider world, for those of us who grew up in the 90s in the UK, it was an opening to amazing games never released in the PAL region, and of course manga and anime too. Additional credits: Music by Eric Matyas (www.soundimages.org) - Track 1 Boardwalk Arcade, Track 2 Gulf Breeze Blockbuster 1994 Advert - Courtesy of marksplaceuk
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FinalBaton (4 months ago)
That magazine seems so cool, all the Europeans on that gaming forum I frequent, are enamored with it. Looks like it was very important for otaku culture over there. I always like learning about it because I think it looks wonderful. Keep up the good work
Pixel Vixen (4 months ago)
FinalBaton aww thank you! Yes it's a very well respected magazine over here, quite unique in it covered things from a very intentional viewpoint and really was a big outlet for Japanese culture which wasn't common in the early/mid 90s! It certainly influenced me a lot! Glad you enjoyed the video much more to come!
BOYD1981 (5 months ago)
Looking forward to seeing your channel grow (I saw your name pop up in an Amiten stream), especially interested in you covering Deluxe Paint 3. Despite a lack of artistic ability I think I probably spent more time using it than playing games back in my A600 days and sadly it's all been lost now.
Pixel Vixen (5 months ago)
Thanks so much! That's very kind, who knows if the channel will grow or not, my only aim is to make videos with content I enjoy creating and would watch myself so, I'm not on social media apart from here so the idea of doing this for subscribers or following what everyone else has done really isn't something that registers with me :) The Deluxe Paint series of videos should hopefully rekindle some of that long lost time you spent with your A600! Stay tuned!

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