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FACTORY GIRLS - Campy Lesbian Spy Short Film - 48 Hour Film Contest

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Description: An American spy girl is tasked with helping break into a Russian crime ring. But things get tricky when she starts to fall in love with her Russian spy girl enemy. Conceived, shot, and edited in just 48 hours, this film takes the international crime genre to a new level of adorable... complete with dancing and silliness. FACTORY GIRLS -Lesbian Spy Story - Short Film for 48 Hour Film Contest Directed by Kirk Demorest Starring Nathalie Tedrick, Uliana Story, Al Liner
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Русский стиль))))
Hesham Mohamed (1 month ago)
nathalie tedrick is belly dancer and actress in the same time
arthouse films (1 month ago)
Hesham Mohamed (1 month ago)
arthouse films she is agood actress
arthouse films (1 month ago)
Here she is: https://youtu.be/HXzfN8MTScc
Nesrine zino (2 months ago)
j'adore Natalie Tedrick
arthouse films (2 months ago)
Ok! Cooool
Nesrine zino (2 months ago)
je les vue et j'ai adorait le film et Natalie Tedrick et tés très belle et trp sexy merci pour le film
arthouse films (2 months ago)
Merci. Oui, elle est vraiment géniale. Attendez de la voir dans le film Metropolitan Crush! https://youtu.be/z2xCphLUfvE
Ⲉ ꚃ ᄉ jo (2 months ago)
Paigeo (22 days ago)
Ⲉ ꚃ ᄉ jo omg I love your hair☺️
Mari Medeiros (4 months ago)
Ho yes👏🇧🇷
Michelle Chetrit (5 months ago)
cool they are both playing each other!! great story!
Emily Jones (5 months ago)
I seriously cannot believe you did this in 48 hours!!! It's freaking awesome 😄 Amazing work!
arthouse films (5 months ago)
Whoa, thanks!!! It was a pretty insane schedule!!
megan argue (5 months ago)
Well Done!
Cry Baby (5 months ago)
zaki ali (2 months ago)
you are good
Laura (5 months ago)
Under the circumstances of the time restraints and requirements of the contest, this is really good
zaki ali (3 days ago)
I did not understand
arthouse films (5 months ago)
We love you!! Thanks for your support!
Laura (5 months ago)
So this video should have won, huh?...lol. And I HAVE checked out your other videos, many of them I've already watched and recognize the quality of the ones I've seen :-D
arthouse films (5 months ago)
It was ok, but not very memorable IMHO. Sometimes those things are political. Have you check out our other film: https://youtu.be/z2xCphLUfvE
Laura (5 months ago)
2nd out of 23 is definitely something to be proud of. That sci-fi film must have been jaw dropping to beat you out of first ;-)
RJ TV (5 months ago)
Can I ask what's the title of the song???the one they are dancing to....
arthouse films (5 months ago)
It's called "Bad Girl" by Dave James and Keith Beauvais
Dallas Star (5 months ago)
Is there a sequel or is this it?
arthouse films (5 months ago)
That's it. Sorry. All the story elements were provided by the 48 hour film contest and we only had the crew together for just 48 hours.
arthouse films (6 months ago)
If you liked Nathalie in this film, you will LOVE her in this one!! https://youtu.be/z2xCphLUfvE

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