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Richard Paterson Interview UK Cigar Scene Magazine

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UK Cigar Scene's interview with Richard Paterson. To receive our free monthly on-line magazine make sure to register at www.ukcigarscene.com Richard Paterson is the Master blender for Whyte & Mackay and is also responsible for the Dalmore whisky. He travels all over the world to educate whisky lovers and he also happens to be a cigar lover. He talks of his work and his love for cigars.
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Text Comments (21)
jbird Perez (2 years ago)
well, between scotch and nothin' i suppose i'd take Scotch. It's the nearest thing to good moonshine I can find
Stormgebieder (2 years ago)
A real gentleman!
WhoChrisLiu (2 years ago)
I see Mr. Paterson had to relight his cigar a few times. I noticed most videos never show people relighting like its embarrassing. Theres no shame in relighting a cigar (or a pipe), the same as adding water to whiskey.
Shadow 3091 (2 years ago)
Career goals ^^
RockerGuy0001 (2 years ago)
Seems like Richard is on his best behavior
sendercorp (2 years ago)
Lovely video, thank you kindly.
Herodotus Fumosus (2 years ago)
Great interview. You got to give it to the guy, he's the most charismatic face of Scotch whisky. I probably wouldn't wanna work under him, but I certainly enjoy listening to him. Very entertaining and informative.
Juanra Urrusti (2 years ago)
The best interview I've seen of Richard... wow, what a man!
Chris Bults (2 years ago)
your page cannot be found...
UK Cigar Scene (2 years ago)
+Chris Bults Try http://www.ukcigarscene.com/ that will do it!
Chris Bults (2 years ago)
+UK Cigar Scene your website you gave in your comments think it was www.ukcigarescene.com
UK Cigar Scene (2 years ago)
+Chris Bults Sorry Chris, which page can't you find?
gav hinds (2 years ago)
nosing.....lol.. .that's my neighbour. ....
Smelly Robert (2 years ago)
Like a sir!
Easyrider Pappy (3 years ago)
Beautiful Interview,, Would love to get more of this,, Thank you very much : )
UK Cigar Scene (3 years ago)
+dennis paplow We have a new interview each month in UK Cigar Scene Magazine. To make sure you get a copy subscribe here http://www.ukcigarscene.com/newsletter/
boothby17 (3 years ago)
where was this?
UK Cigar Scene (3 years ago)
+boothby17 It was filmed at No 1a St James's Street London, a cigar store
soulless (3 years ago)
Mr. Paterson is a legend.
Jakub Kucner (3 years ago)
Great !! Hopefully more such interviews!!
UK Cigar Scene (3 years ago)
+Jakub Kucner Richard has huge passion. We have lots more lined up. Watch out for next month, it's a doozie!

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